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The Grand Eyyûb Sultan Complex

The Grand Eyyub Sultan Mosque represents the Islamic civilization in the center of Europe with its religious and civil architecture. Our complex, which sheds light on the future of Muslims by being the symbol of Islam and Muslims in Europe, will revive Ottoman architectural art in one place.

With its 27 small domes and two 44-meter minarets around the large central dome, it was designed as a magnificent work that integrates tradition and modern technology.

The Grand Eyyûb Sultan Mosque, with its functions, is a cultural garden that adds color to our glass with its 600-900 square meters indoor area, conference hall, library, education center, teachers' room, dining hall, double-storey family restaurant, teahouse and commercial boutiques and 600 cars. It is planned to host many services with its parking lot.

In the details, the design criteria of traditional architectural elements were adhered to, and an original work was created with completely original designs, without any imitation.
In the complex, individual examples from almost every branch of Islamic arts, even if small, are given as individual works of art.


Cultural Center

Education Center

Masjid for 3000 Worshippers

Parking space for 6000 Vehicles

Capacity for 260 Bicycles

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